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Hursley Shotokan Karate Beginners Introduction Course

Six lessons, an assessment and a belt all for the bargain price of £20

Thursdays 5:30 - 6:15 pm, available all year round.  The course will have rolling attendance so you can start straight-away!

IBM Hursley Club House, click here for directions 

A block of six lessons to introduce the basics of shotokan karate to beginners.  (If you have trained in another style or martial art this may still be relevant to give you the fundamentals of shotokan)
You will warm up with the main class but then have 30 minutes dedicated instruction in the basics of shotokan karate. 

  • You will be taught the basic stances, punches and kicks

  • You will be shown and will work on the first kata, kihon kata

  • There will be NO partner work, to allow you build up the basic movements without needing to worry about what your partner is doing ;)

The classes will have no more than 6 participants, if we get more we will allocate another instructor.


  • For each week you attend you get a stamp, on an attendance card

  • Once you obtain 6 stamps and you will eligible to take your temporary 9th Kyu confirmation assessment

  • You will then receive a white belt with an orange strip, free-of-charge to signify you have begun your karate journey!

  • This will qualify you to join any of the other main classes at Hursley.

  • You will also now need to obtain a JKA license, we can provide details when needed.

  • It is recommended that you then buy a gi (karate uniform).  We can order one for you at a discount or advise where to buy

Confirmation assessment details:

The confirmation assessment will be done at the end of the beginners course. You will to demonstrate the basics techniques and kata you have learnt. Don't worry! it is designed to be friendly and low pressure and fun and you will receive feedback on the assessment straight away and be presented with your new belt - congratulations you have now reached the first milestone in your karate journey.


Traditional karate emphasises the following characteristics

  • Self-Defence

    • Karate training sets out to develop appropriate reactions in its students

  • Fitness, Energy And Vitality

    • The techniques practised in each class involve the use of a large range of muscles making it an excellent all-over body workout. Involving the entire body also serves to develop balance, agility, coordination and flexibility.  

  • Dojo etiquette

    • You are taught to be respectful of your partner and fellow students in the lesson and the aim is to be able to avoid needing to fight by being aware of your environment when you leave the dojo.

  • Character Development

    • As you get better, more skilled, fitter, stronger, more coordinated each week your self-confidence grows.

£20 for the package of six lessons, the assessment and belt.  If you unable to train, for whatever reason, then just let us know and we will add time on at no extra charge.

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